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The Musician CD Album
For the download edition of "The Musician" either the full album or individual tracks click here:
The Musician Music/Songbook (hard copy)
Music and Guitar: Fundamentals (book)

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The Musician - Richard Hannemann

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The Fountain -- Guitar Solo 
The splash of a fountain, 
the running of a stream, 
the steady fall of rain .......
...... this is the music of "The Fountain"

"The Fountain" can be heard on the album "The Musician" available for purchase on this site page The Musician cd album and the score may be purchased on this site page Guitar Scores and Books.
The Musician (cd album, music/songbook)--
     From open mic to concert stage and beyond this is the story of the life of The Musician.
     If you have ever performed and know what it's like, or been in the audience and wondered -- The Musician is for you.

"The Musician" title track.
New !  
Music and Guitar: Melody and Harmony
Go from beginning to intermediate level guitar in just one book !
You've learned "Fundamentals" and you are ready for the next step. "Melody and Harmony", the second book in the "Music and Guitar" series, will get you to a level that will allow you to play the music you enjoy -- whether that is songs with guitar accompaniment or intermediate works for solo instrumental guitar.  To learn more click:  Melody and Harmony.

Currently accepting new guitar students

in Los Alamos.

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"Music and Guitar: Fundamentals"

          Since its first publication in 2000, "Fundamentals" has helped many people new to the guitar to learn the fundamentals of music and guitar needed to successfully begin their studies of the instrument.  Now, after 14 years, a new revised edition is available.  

         With 157 pages containing 280 graphics, this comprehensive volume will give you the knowledge, insights, and techniques needed to begin your journey towards total mastery of the guitar.

Click "Music and Guitar: Fundamentals" to learn more.


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