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Introducing the Antonio Hermosa AH12 and AH15 nylon strung acoustic Guitars  and the Shadow 20000 pick-up -- For a demonstration of these products see the video below

Antonio Hermosa "classical" -- Rosewood sides and back, solid spruce top, plus your choice of wood hardshell case or (recommended) Featherweight softshell case (with or without shoulder straps) $400
Antonio Hermosa "flamenco" -- cypress sides and back, solid spruce top, plus your choice of wood hardshell case or (recommended) Featherweight softshell case (with or without shoulder straps $455

Antonio Hermosa AHQ - 10 3/4 size guitar - solid cedar top, mahogany sides and back -- with gig bag $280.00
Supplies and Accessories

All supplies can be purchased on-line direct from Hannemann Music.  Free home or office delivery  within Los Alamos county.

Folding music stand -- $15

ideal for at home  or on the road -- or in your  backpack 

folding music stand


Guitar Strings -- $15/set

For the nylon string acoustic Hannemann Music recommends the Augustine line of guitar strings, most notably the Augustine Classic Golds.

For the steel string acoustic Hannemann Music offers the Martin line of guitar strings.

Other brands available upon request

Martin steel string acoustic guitar strings


Augustine Classic Gold nylon guitar strings


A-440 Tuning fork -- $15

It is strongly recommended that the guitarist use a tuning fork when possible.  It helps to focus and sharpen the ear and the batteries won't run out.

A-440 tuning fork


Footrest - $15

Used under either left or right foot for better posture and guitar positioning when seated.

guitar foot rest


Neck Strap - $10

Ideal for both nylon and steel strung acoustics.  The strap goes around the back of the guitar, under the waist, and hooks on to the soundhole.  Allows greater freedom of movement than a shoulder strap.  This is the strap I've always used when doing a stand-up gig -- also works well in lieu of a foot rest.

Guitar neck strap


You Need a Featherweight guitar case !

Over the past 45 years I have had several guitar cases.  I've had wood cases, but I managed to put my foot through one (avoiding the cat) and I've had the ABS cases but I managed to do same (for the same reason).  BUT -- in 1985 I bought a Featherweight case similar to the ones I sell.  It has traveled over 40,000 miles on a Vespa motorscooter luggage rack in all kinds of weather with no harm to either case or guitar.  Now, 30 years later, the only thing wrong with it is that the zipper needs to be replaced.

Rigid cases resist bumps and blows -- but Featherweights are high density styrofoam and they absorb impacts giving the guitar better protection.

You Need a Featherweight.

Cases come in a variety of sizes to fit your particular guitar so call for pricing

(More supplies and accessories listings coming soon)
Guitar repair services

Hannemann Music offers full repair services on nylon and steel string acoustic guitars.  Shop rates are $40/hr